Fly Away Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding Instruction and Tandems

Mountain tandems are an incredible thrill. You will be able to fly the glider, if you choose.

Suggested for those who want to get the full experience of hang gliding, and are not sure yet if you would like to complete the full training program. We will be flying from one of our local mountain sites in Santa Barbara with views of the city and ocean. The launch height is typically 3,000 ft and can last anywhere from 10 min- 1/2 hr or more depending on the conditions. You should allow for approximately an hour and a half for each person to include a brief ground school/ introduction before the flight. There is a 200 lb weight limit for the tandem flights. The most important prerequisite is to have a desire to fly.

If you're already set on becoming a rated pilot, it's recommended to save the tandem flight for further into the training program. Once you've achieved your H2 novice rating you will be able to learn more from the flight and landing approach, since you will soon be doing it yourself.

Please be advised that weather is sometmetimes an issue with mountain tandems. Somedays we can not fly the mountains because the winds are not right, or due to low level fog. Many of those days, the training hill will have great training weather.

Mountain Launch
picture of airborne tandem flight