Fly Away Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding Instruction and Tandems

Mountain tandems are an incredible thrill. You will be able to fly the glider, if you choose.

Tandems are comparable to riding on the back of a motorcycle vs. driving the motocycle solo. We suggest, but do not require, that people with no experience in hang gliding take a lesson before they have a tandem flight. There are several reasons for this. The training hill winds are more consistent than in the mountains, therefore on any given day you are more likely to fly. There is less fear invloved with a solo lesson than a mountain tandem. Fear comes from a lack of understanding. With understanding, the fear goes away and you will probably enjoy your tandem flight more. And finally flying a hang glider solo empowers you in a profound way and are you will be more likely to become a pilot. Learning to fly a hang glider is easier than learning to ride a bicycle. The most important prerequisite is to have a desire to fly. You can choose the intro package of a solo training hill lesson and a tandem flight.

We like to save the tandem flight for further into the training program, when you will be able to learn more from the flight and landing approach, since you will soon be doing it yourself.

Please be advised that weather is an issue with mountain tandems. Somedays we can not fly the mountains because the winds are not right. Many of those days, the training hill will have great training weather. It takes 1 to 2 hours for a mountain tandem, which includes driving up the mountain, weather depending.

Mountain Launch
picture of airborne tandem flight