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Lessons and Information
Instructor Willy Dydo (802) 558-6350

Tammy Burcar, and Willy Dydo are your world class instructors.

picture of tammy burcar

Tammy has been flying since 1984 and teaching since 1990. She is an Instructor Administrator. She was the 1995 Women's National Champion and has taught and flown around the world. For more information on Tammy see below.

picture of Willy Dydo

Certified USHPA Instructor, Willy Dydo, grew up in Vermont. Ever since his feet left the ground Willy has had a hard time coming down, which is the main reason why he now calls Santa Barbara, with its year-round epic flying, his home. He enjoys giving others the gift of flight and helping turn their dreams into reality. Willy is one of the best instructors we've ever seen, not only because he's a great pilot, but also because of his patience and calm nature.


I started flying hang gliders back in 1986. I had let the rating lapse and was only flying Paragliders. I decided to get my H2 rating back and had contacted Fly Away Hangliding. I was impressed with the claimed consistency of the training site. The Instructor Willy Dydo contacted me and we made plans to start in again and polish off the rust. It was a pleasure to work with Willy. His laid back manner was just what I needed. He guided me through my rough spots and did all he could to make the experience a meaningful one. Within a week I was able to get my H2 rating again. The site consistency was exactly what I needed. Willy was knowledgeable and presented concepts logically and reasonably. I'm happy to recommend Willy to anyone looking to get in the air! He will work for you. Thanks for a great experience Willy!!

Layne Self Region 4 Observer, P4, and renewed H2


July 5, 2010


This lette is to express my gratefulness to you for introducing me to the incredible sport of hang gliding. It has now been more than 10 years that I have been enjoying the sport and am looking forward to many more decades of flight! What a wonderful opportunity you have to introduce people to the dream of flying. Your patience, knowledge, and dedication to hang gliding shows in how you work with your students. You make learning FUN! I remember my first flights on the training hill. It was so exciting. The "Brat" is classic... what a great way to maximize a students flight time without always having to "hike" your wing up to the top of the hill. Later... as I took my first mountain flight… nothing can compare to the feeling of mountain flying with the birds, and the exhilarating rush of achievement after safely reaching the ground. I highly recommend Fly Away Hang Gliding and Tammy Burcar to learn and ENJOY the sport of hang gliding. Please feel free to have potential students contact me with any questions or for personal reference. Thank You!

James Zender 805-451-5697 USHPA#77781


Learning how to Hang Glide with Willy is amazing! He is patient, easy going and really knows how to work through any problem. Willy is willing to answer any question you have (no matter how many times he's heard them). His teaching style will give you the confidence you need to get over your fears. I started lessons with him in 2011, got my H2 in no time. The only thing I regret is not starting sooner!

David Hogan USHPA#91794


Having Willy as a hang-gliding instructor was a fantastic experience. He consistently went above and beyond his scope of responsibilities to truly make my time on the training hill as worthwhile as possible. I remember him literally running the glider up the training-hill dozens of times just so we could a couple of extra flights before the sun went down. It was a great pleasure to be taught by someone that cares so much for the sport.

Raffael Housler


Training with Tammy was the best experience one could ask for. She never makes you do something you are not ready to do. Her level of patience is outstanding. The training hill is about as good as it gets. Perfect wind, nice weather, sun, surf, I mean who wouldn't want to learn to hang glide while over looking the ocean. The best part is no hiking up the hill. (That's what the Brat is for). I can't say enough good things about Tammy's operation, she has taught me to fly with the birds!

Thank you Tammy and Zippy!
Tim USHPA # 88977


Adam Huston USHPA #88430 H2 here from Las Vegas, Nevada, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the excellent Hang gliding training and guidance you have given me in my pursuit of the wild blue yonder!!!! Your training hill is spectacular and I always flew with confidence having the radio assist each time, at no point did I feel in peril!. The rapid returns to launch allowed for very full days of flying...Awesome!!!. Thanks again,



Tammy Burcar is one of the best teachers I've ever encountered, and it is obviously her calling. She knows when to motivate, cajole, push, and pause in her instructions to rehash and learn from pilot errors. She keeps a very rapid pace, but the reaction time for hang gliding requires this. Tammy instills a sense of safety conscious in even the most rash; because, she obviously cares tremendously about her students. Not only will she be your favorite teacher, but she'll also quickly become your friend. Don't forget to grab some coffee with her and discuss any number of other topics besides hang gliding; because, you'll be pleasantly surprised!"

Don Priebe


Hi Miss Tammy, I am a day or so from heading up to Lakeview, OR. Excited for sure. James Z. got it right with all that is Tammy and her hill in Santa Barbara. I have talked you up a storm with all the students I,ve met at Ed Levin and Hollister the last 2 seasons there. Later,

John Passyka


I want to let you know about my own experience with Tammy in Santa Barbara. I wanted to fly all my life and when I tried to find an instructor in Oregon I found it very hard to find anyone, and when I finally did find the ONE instructor available in Oregon, I found we didn't get along. I was very frustrated and kept asking around online, looking for a good learning situation. Tammy wrote me and I decided to make a trip to Santa Barbara and take lessons for a week. I went prepared to work every day and hopefully get my hang 2 before I left. Well, I was a bit of a slow learner... I'm almost 50 and haven't been very athletic over the years so I wasn't as strong as I wanted to be, so I only got my hang 1. But Tammy was the best instructor. She was kind and helpful, SOOO informative, caring and understanding of where I was in the learning curve at all times, and she is just the greatest person I could ever imagine having as a hang gliding instructor. I went down as a gift to myself, helping me get into something that I had always dreamed of and I have been so glad I did that for myself ever since. I LOVE flying, although in Oregon I haven't found the support system I have been wishing for so I haven't flown much. If I was that close to Lakeview I would be so happy! I had my 2nd big air flight there at the fly in last year, flying off Black Cap... and they get great glass offs there too I hear, which would be awesome to catch. If I were you... I would give myself the gift and go to Santa Barbara for a week or two and get in the skills to come back and fly Lakeview and other places around where you live.

I ended up spending about 2 weeks down there the first time... ended up waiting longer trying to get in a tandem with Skippy so I'd get the idea what big air was like, which was awesome. Then I ordered all my gear and came back for another week to take lessons with my own gear, and got my hang 2.

The beauty of learning in Santa Barbara with Tammy is where she teaches. It's a great place to learn and she's got the set up on her Brat that she can hook in a fully set up glider and run you and the glider up to the top of the hill, let you fly down, and then drive you back up to do it all again, no breaking down and setting up, no hiking it up the hill again and again, so it amounts to you getting in many days of flights in one day... some days I got in 13 or more flights off the top, which is so amazing to get in that many take offs and landings in one day.

Also, the hill is very nice for the very beginning of learning to fly, where Tammy can help get the glider a little bit up the slope for those first low flights, very easy slope and great downward slope to land on that gives you lots of set up time for the landings, so lets you really get the feel of what you're doing.

I also was so glad to learn from another woman, someone who has care and concern and understands things from a womans perspective and doesn't push you to do more than you feel you are up to. No pressure, lots of fun, and lots and lots of learning, as she knows so much about flight and flying sports and all the things you need to know above and beyond the book learning.

If you have any questions or would like to chat, feel free to email me or call me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I highly recommend Tammy and learning to Hang glide... it is an awesome sport and an amazing feeling to fly!

Robyn Sleeper


I dreamed I could fly when I was 7 years old. When I woke up from the dream I tried desperately to go back into it to remember just how I was flying. I then ran and told my mom that I could fly. Seeming that she didn't understand, and quite soon I realized that she wasn't able to understand, I had a major watershed epiphany. Until that point I thought that mom knew everything about everything, but this time I realized that not only didn't she know but that it was OK for me not to have to try and convince her that I could fly. It was like there was my 20 year 'self' had come back to me then when I was 7 and told me that "Mom can't understand, but that doesn't mean you can't fly because you can, although you'll have to wait until you're a bit older to realize it".

So after making several big kites out of broomsticks and Vis-Queen and jumping off of haystacks with them when I was 10 years old, I waited until I was 18 learned to fly airplanes and recieved my private pilots license (PPL). Flying an airplane is like driving your car in the air, fun, but not really flying like in your dreams.

The same year that I got my PPL, I discovered a hang gliding instructor. After my first flight, a foot off the ground, I was hooked and realized that this was the free flight dream that I had been looking for all my life. But I didn't have the money for lessons or for a good glider. So I stupidly bought a cheap glider and proceeded to try and teach myself. I survived because I never when up the hill too high, and I had wheels. The glider had bent leading edges and didn't fly well but I wasn't aware of it.

I finally came up with the $800 (back then) to get lessons from Lookout Mt. Flight Park in TN/GA. Within a week I was flying the mountains. I ended up finishing up my Forestry Degree and taking every three day weekend and all of my school breaks to dash down to TN for some flights. Flying sucks in WI. When I graduated college I became a hang glider bum traveling around the country, living in the back of my truck and hanging with my new found tribe. Combine the act of flying itself, the self-empowerment it gives you with instant friends around the country, and you have the sport I've dedicated my life to for the last 26 years.

I was a tom-boy and until 6th grade I was the biggest and strongest kid in my class. Then the boys started getting bigger and stronger and I started losing arm wrestling contests. Ever since then I had a huge chip on my shoulder and was constantly trying to find ways to 'beat the guys'. Well I found it in hang gliding.

I've been flying for 22 years and spent 10 years on the cross country competition circuit, winning the Women's Nationals in 1995 and coming in 6th overall (beating 120 of the top nationally ranked group of guys). It's so much more about finesse (getting into 'The Zone' or being 'One' with the air and thermals) than physical strength.

I also then got into aerobatics and became the only woman in the world to have looped a hang glider, yes, on purpose, and indeed coming in 2nd in Rosarito in 1995 with all the big names in aerobatics there. Girls can do it too. Fortunately I can now give myself my own pats on my back and don't need the accolades from others, so quit competing in 1997 after floating my first loop. I had promised myself that I'd quit aero when I float my first loop. So I kept the promise. Now I've come full circle and again enjoy the beauty and freedom of flying purely for the experience I receive every moment I'm in the air, truly here and now. I most often fly Falcons because they are so fun and easy to fly.

Learning to play with mother natures free and unlimited power is mind altering as your glider becomes an integral extension of you. You become a bird, you have wings, not unlike Windy who can fly above the clouds. (If you indeed fly above the clouds you get to see your 'glory', a rainbow effect around your shadow that appears on the top of the cloud that you are flying over.) The incredible act of attaining humans oldest dream, that of flying, is what drives most pilots to learn to fly. The amazingly fun aspect of teaching, for me, is to witness people face their biggest dream and their biggest fear, that of falling, all at the same time and consistently succeed.

I now have been running my hang gliding school for 16 years in Santa Barbara after working for several other schools around the nation and I have had some great mentors.

while having fun and learning to fly both come in close seconds.

Hope to hear from you soon.

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
- Leonardo da Vinci

"The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being"
- Dalai Lama

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